Busy, Busy, Busy! But Progress Is Being Made.

Between working 6 days a week, strength training, duties around the house and the promotion of Howls From The Wolfpack and the publishing and promotion of Growls From A Wolf a spare minute is hard to find  to write. Here’s an update on the books…

Growls Of A Wolf

The manuscript and layout are ready and my design team are putting the interior together, which leaves me with the cover. Most of the cover elements are complete, such as the cover picture, book info, author bio, the new Abyss Press logo and layout. Still need an updated author picture.

You can help pick it by going to the Facebook page and commenting on your favorite of the three.

I’m expecting the finished interior this week for me to proofread. Slowly. I learned my lesson publishing Howls.

I also built a Facebook Fan Page for the book here

Howls From The Wolfpack

I started posting excerpts from the book twice a day on weekdays to get more people interested in the book. Along with on Wednesdays I promote other critical thinkers out there doing their own thing.

Speaking of Wednesday, on May 2nd, on my birthday you can go here and get the  book for free. But only for one day unless you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you can borrow the book for free. 

For regular updates on this book go to the Facebook page here

I hope you guys take advantage of the free books!

What are your thoughts about this?

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