Breakdown of The Declaration of Independence

Looking into why we left England’s rule to begin again, and if we’re slipping into tyranny again.

The Dec. Of Independence; Why We Fought For Freedom

A look into the first paragraph of the Declaration.

The Declaration Of Independence: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

What does the phrase “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” mean and where did it come from?

The Declaration of Independence: The List of Charges Begin

The list of grievances begin here against King George III.

Declaration of Independence; My Way Or The Highway

The charges continue.

The Dec. Of Independence: Weak Judges and a Bureaucratic Army

The King’s Judicial tyranny and bureaucrats.

Dec. of Independence: Military Getting Away With Murder

The English Army’s free pass.

Declaration of Independence; England Attacks

England puts pressure on the Colonies.

The Declaration of Independence: Diplomatic Final Statements

The Founders tell Britain nicely to leave us alone. They didn’t which is why we had the Revolutionary war.

The Declaration of Independence: Don’t Tread On Me

The End

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