Black Friday

Your regularly scheduled blog programming has been preempted by a snarky look at the insanity of Black Friday I wrote this.

It’s Black Friday!

Everything is on sale today.

If I don’t get in they’ll be hell to pay!

Jesus Christ this old lady is in the fucking way!?!

So old she looks like she’s about to decay!

Hurry up and die already!!

Ran her over in the doorway!

Paramedics on their way?

Gonna save money on the deals today.

Oh My God! They just revealed the Wiis on sale, outta the way!

I don’t have time for a line, where’s my pepper spray?

Take that! Like ants on my driveway.

Oh shit! That guy’s gotta gun and sending rounds my way!

Hit the lady beside me, they won’t need their Wii will they?

In the end all it cost was my soul…someday.

What are your thoughts about this?

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