Behind the Scenes: Putting Together Howls From The Wolfpack

Last week we looked at how the book was born. Now I’ll show you the little things it takes to get a Word Document from a file on your computer into a book on CreateSpace. First you have to do the setup…

Title Information: Think of a title, Howls From the Wolfpack in our case of course. And then the Author and type those in, your name, pen name or whatever. Even add more, but we used a collective name. Moving to the next is a book description, and a volume number if it applies.

Physical Properties:  Then you decide what it will look like, paper, size, etc. Will the book be black and white or color? White paper or Cream colored. And the trim size, how wide and tall. In the manuscript I set the Microsoft Word so that I can see an estimate on the thickness.

ISBN: Then the product code is set, either a free CreateSpace one or buy a personalized one under your publishing company for 10$. I went with that so it’ll be under Abyss Press.

Then you pick the service to print it under when the manuscript is ready, Total Design Freedom Services or Standard. Standard’s more DIY. Now I’m going through Total Design Freedom Standard, it comes with a design team. Very helpful for someone doing this for the first time. I’ll do another Behind The Scenes when I move to the next step…The review.

What are your thoughts about this?

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