Ban Halloween!

I know a few people want to ban Halloween because it’s the Devil’s day and when evil comes out to play. But that’s not the issue! Halloween teaches kids to be hoodlums! Don’t let them go trick or treating or your part of the problem!
Think about it, your training future criminals. Extortionists. Little gang bangers.

Future Criminal


Your kid goes up to people’s doors and threatens them. “Trick or treat?”
That’s a threat. They’re saying give me candy or I’ll mess up your stuff. What does the mafia do? They walk into business and demand “protection money” or “something bad might happen to the place.”

Halloween is creating a MIDGET MAFIA!!! It has to stop, ban Halloween! Its turning kids into delinquents!

*Author’s Note*
This was a tongue-in-cheek rant highlighting the absurdity of banning holidays. Don’t like them, don’t celebrate them. Besides, everyone know Halloween is about the Great Pumpkin. Have you been good?

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