Appreciate What You Have

Recently my wife lost her job.And the trooper that she is, hours later she was on the hunt for a new one. A trait I didn’t realized we shared. Also she didn’t go to the Unemployment Office until days later. Every job I’ve been laid off of my first stop is a Temp Agency, then Unemployment.

While we were waiting in the Unemployment Office I could feel the despair and soul-sucking feel to the room, even if it wasn’t me that needed it. I liked to joke and when I got to work I’d check-in on Facebook to “Hell”.

A few hours in the Unemployment Office and your perspective changes, even if you were joking. My job’s not that bad, even though sometime’s the bosses annoy me(who’s doesn’t), and in the summer time the temperature does approach the heat of Hell, I make good enough money to live comfortably. Which is nice because I’m sure not getting it from book sales. Not that it will ever stop me from publishing.

No, when I look back at my previous job losses and remember the helplessness  and life not completely in my control, I don’t have it bad at all. At least I’m working.

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