All Rights Are Equal/The Ninth Amendment

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This is the ninth essay of the “Breakdown” series. We’ll explore the individual rights in the Bill of Rights. And where they stand today. Comments appreciated, now let’s begin.

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

This one is point blank, the breakdown of the text, unneeded. The order in which the Rights are listed doesn’t mean that one is superior to the other. That simple really, the Founders when the Constitution was sent out to the States for review and ratification, were approached with concerns that the listing of the rights shows the importance of one over the other. So they put forward in the 19 draft rights the long-winded version of the Ninth Amendment. And distilled it into what we have now.

Though I have my favorite rights, the 9th is in place so the Government can’t pick THEIR favorite rights. Which as I have highlighted in earlier essays, they have anyway. Free Speech isn’t as free, the right to keep and bear arms HAS  been infringed, warrantless searches and loss of privacy. To see what I’m talking about, type “breakdown” in the search engine on my Home Page.

Remember that just societies have a check and balance system. Government makes laws which are enforced by cops. Laws are just words on paper; you don’t have to follow them, which is why we have cops. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the laws that keep the Federal Government in check BUT it’s just words on paper unless enforced by someone. Guess who that is? WE THE PEOPLE, and we are failing miserable due to apathy and complacency. A little monetary or physical security in exchange for freedom and liberty. Not for this wolf, I’m not one of the flock, I’m above it and have taken it upon myself to snap you from your slumber, remove your blindfolds and show you how IT IS!

Another essay to follow on the Tenth Amendment.

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  1. “and we are failing due to apathy and complacency.” And, I might add, ignorance. Ignorance in the fact that only a relatively small percentage of Americans can correctly identify the three branches of government. Or that even a good percentage of our elected officials think the Electoral College is a place to study politics. So we end up deciding elections by going for the person putting out the slickest ads. Or, as you said, just letting government intrusion slide because its the easiest way to cope. Good series, keep it up.


    1. Yeah, and ignorance. Thanks, next Friday is the tenth amendment. What I termed as the most debated Right with maybe the Second tying or be more divisive to people.

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