Abyss Rising

A few months ago, a friend of mine offered to do some pro bono graphic design work for my publishing company Abyss Press for a class assignment; however, the assignment changed so I paid him with a book for the work. To get an idea of what to design he asked some questions.

Answering a question on the company’s values and beliefs I stated: Values: Integrity, Honesty, Thinking For Yourself. Beliefs: Questioning Everything, Accepting Nothing Blindly, Even the Answers.

Then one on what I promise to those who read my work to which I replied: Honesty, I write what I believe, nothing less. Quality, 110% my best, Fair Price.

What is the significance of the word Abyss? The depths of the mind. Then I summed up the company overall:

Abyss Press is very small, owned and operated solely by me. Usually focuses on politics and societal and cultural issues. What I like to do with my writing, is to break down the subject matter where a 6 year old can understand it in a conversation, much like the Albert Einstein quote.

From that came two eagle designs, a samurai, abyss kanji and broken chains; along with font designs for Abyss for me to pick or discard. I liked the eagles so he went back and tightened the designs.

From this came a black distorted eagle with Abyss overhead and an Eagle attacking a snake with the words Question Everything below. That last one was good enough to be on a flag but did not really fit Abyss. It felt…too American. I liked the concept of it though, the courage to attack the lies. However, the black eagle, yeah that fits with Abyss.

I suggested combining the two and my wife said put Ronin inside the eagle. I liked the idea so I went with that. It didn’t fit so Brandon used the kanji for truth and it was love at first sight. He sent the black eagle with a white kanji and a white eagle with the black kanji, opted for the white eagle since my books are black. Nevertheless, the black one is my phone wallpaper now.

Therefore, I present to you the finished logo, mission statement and slogan of Abyss Press:

Mission Statement
“From the depths of the mind we present honesty and integrity after questioning everything with a critical eye. Welcome to a dark reality.”


From the darkness, the truth shall emerge.

(Brandon Ryals came up with this one)

Thoughts? Also the new website and webstore is up here

What are your thoughts about this?

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