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The Foundational book, Howls From The Wolfpack, published 2011.

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 Newly Released, Discovering You: How to Find Out What Makes You Tick 


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Like many people you’re trying to find your place in the world. Or you’re still working on just finding yourself. Except, where do you even begin to start?

If the amount of Facebook quizzes is any indication I’m sure that you’ve taken at least one. Maybe you have a stack of self-help books somewhere in your home. Jumping into something feet first to try it out is more your style. The issue is with putting the information together in a way you can use.

It took me over twenty years to get it right. I tried to be other people. To be popular or a rebel. Then simply trying to find myself from within.

This short, free e-book is the step-by-step method I developed over the years. It’ll help you figure out what makes you the person you truly are. Then you can move forward with a newfound purpose.

  • What Can I Expect?

You’ll discover your personal operating system, the human equivalent of your smartphone’s OS. Then you’ll unlock your custom design, finding how that indicates your purpose for being alive.

  • How Is This Different From Any Other Self-Help Book?

It’s in the details. For example, there is a chapter dedicated to crafting a personal code. Another chapter reveals the danger of the dark side of your persona where you’ll meet the worst enemy you’ll face. The chapter after that show’s how to defeat that enemy.

  • Why Is It Free If It’s “So Good”?

I had a lot of people help me on my journey through the years. I’m paying it forward.

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