A Writing (R)Evolution

Wolf Seranade
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In the middle of the summer, myself and others, were given a opportunity to put together a book. It was a way for an underground writer by the name of Thorin to give back to those who supported him. The book is supposed to have the Wolf Mentality woven through it, that’s all he asked. He asked me to cover the essays and bullets and a prolific poet by the name of Da Nekidgoat for poetry and short stories. He told us to ask another to help us with the submissions from the WJ Forum and to comb over our own. To be approved a submission had to receive 100% agreement from everyone. I asked a couple of friends who frequent the forum quite a bit, who’s opinions I respected. Randal from Hardcore Mind and Benjamin, and Goat began working with metalhead_untildeath.

After asking a few questions, we started to hash things out. Created email addresses for the submissions, asked for names for the book and publishing company. Then did a poll on the favorites. I forgot who’s idea won for the book title, “Howls From The Wolfpack”, and the publishing name came courtesy of Swatcop. AbyssPress. This out of the way, the writing began. Beginners to old hands at it. Thorin turned the Court on the forum into a place to critique and polish our writings, a jury of our peers if you will.

As for myself, I have been writing off and on for years, but very much the novice. The beginning essays I submitted were rough and to the point. The next was a stream-of-thought two day writing frenzy. Then the next(and my favorite) was more structured and broke down, hitting all points. Two weeks for that one. A writing evolution of revolutionary ideas, a writing (r)evolution. Awhile after two short ones followed, easy reads that nailed my points. The latest follows the same structure as my third one. And time draws near, soon it’ll come together.

The collected writings of our wolfpack. From bullet quotes distilled from spirit, heart and mind, to essays that make you question everything, philosophy, show you the different perspectives of the wolfpack. The older wolves that have been watching for decades, to the younger ones born into a world that doesn’t feel right, so they dig deeper for truth and sound the alarm.  Poetry that will make you laugh, anger you, and cause yo to think. Prolific poets like Da Nekidgoat to those who are coming into their own like metalhead, Greywolf, myself and others. A revolution of thought is being woven into those pages, hopefully the beginning. We’ll see, I can’t wait.

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  1. I can’t wait either. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time. This is going to be an amazing book. With all the hard work that everyones putting into it (especially you), how could it not be. I don’t think Thorin could have picked a better person to place in charge of it. And I think I’m the one who came up with the title. lol

    1. I think it was you, I tried to look back but that post was gone. The real work will be when Thorin and I start putting it together in book form. All of us have been busy, writing, editing, backing it up. Ben has hard copies in case something crashes. I have them on the computer and other sites just in case. I may buy a few and start passing them out. 🙂

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