A Virus Off The Somalia Coast

Watching where Somali pirates have killed ANOTHER four innocents after hijacking their boat. This is freaking insanity. Stop tolerating them, this isn’t the “Pirates of the Caribbean“.
Sure we have various Navies patrolling, but it’s the same as a cop on the beat, they’re not omnipresent. The boaters defense lies squarely on their shoulders. And they are handicapped by policies in many ports that don’t allow firearms. Doesn’t stop the pirates though.
I applauded when the Navy SEALs punched holes in the pirates who held the Captain of the merchant vessel awhile back. You have levels of force, but diplomacy has it’s limits, and violence is still an option. If you have an armed and trained crew, maybe one in a concealed high spot with a .308, you’ll stop one hijacking. Spot a pirate boat, have a crew member fire a burst of warning fire, that doesn’t stop them? Sniper puts a round through the boat’s driver. Now they know you’re serious. They will find easier pickings or attack, and then, you’re on equal footing as all are armed.
The other option is vacate the area, no ships, but that is temporary, they’ll move. We need some real changes. And sitting in front of a news camera and saying you condemn the pirates actions doesn’t work. Shoot on sight will.

What are your thoughts about this?

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