A Leg Of The Journey Ends

Week 35

Final week revealed quite a bit as far as my foundation and where to go from there. What drives me out of bed had not changed at all over the last four introspections. Going to the next level, I revisited the Soul Diamond from TWIWC II to discover a near 180-degree turn from before. It has four quadrants/hearts: lion, dragon, eagle, and angel, where I had no qualities before, I had shifted to them and where I had some qualities, I now had none in that area.

Looking over the Unchained questions again, I found my life’s path had changed, I had woke up and working to be a better person. A work-in-progress, but progress, with some glitches from the last few months being ironed over time. I was reminded of the perception and reality not being the same, a topic I hit enough that I should have remembered it. Combined with ConCom I should have enough tools and explanations for the new path I undertake.

What are your thoughts about this?

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