A Choice Of Money?

An interesting trend I’ve noticed as of late, alternative currencies. It seemed to have started with the Bitcoin, though I’m not sure I trust it. Its a digital currency that you exchange other currency for. And it allegedly can’t be manipulated like the fiat currencies can. The official website is:

Bitcoin – P2P digital currency

And another website explaining it is here. Following this trend is the Arbuck, which I quote:

The ArBuck is a token or unit of credit issued in the form of a discount
coupon or debit card by local businesses in Arkansas who agree to accept
ArBucks for the purpose of creating a stable and sustainable medium of

The rest of the info is here. And some video from the rally it was introduced at.



Take a look at a dollar bill. It says it’s a Federal Reserve Note, which is printed by a private, central bank to use as money. Sanctioned by a bankrupt federal government that owes more money than it can tax from the entire nation. Do you trust it to keep it’s buying power any more than these above mentioned currencies?

What are your thoughts about this?

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