From Concept to Reality: Howls From The Wolfpack

Yesterday I took a concept and started to build the framework to hold the vast and deep thoughts in printed form. What is this I speak of? “Howls From The Wolfpack” of course. A book that will be the collected works of over a dozen free-thinkers, people who observe the world the same way I do. Eyes Wide Open. Even with that similarity our differences will be noticeable. Writing styles, the way they arrive to their opinions. You will notice their voices, from quiet philosophical musings, educational lectures, kick in the ass wake up calls, to almost Seussical rhyming poetry, and more.

Yesterday I spoke with a publishing consultant for CreateSpace, Amazon’s affiliate, where writers can self-publish. A fee is paid and the books are printed as they’re ordered. For every book sold, the money goes to CreateSpace and to the writer. I doubt I’ll get rich off of this book. But back on topic, one option I thought I had could be upgraded. Instead of just the one font and limited accents, I now have more options. I have to submit the entire book in a file written on Word to them. Like a kid in a candy store I jumped in and set my ISBN and bar code. Within those lines and numbers is the description, title, author and publisher. Concept becoming Reality. Now I’ll divide my time between writing for the book, here and begin putting it all in order for submission. I hate waiting until the last minute. It should be out by June of this year. I feel like a proud papa, the accomplishment of so many, in a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch paperback package. Look for it in the summer at Amazon, Barnes&Noble websites and you will be able to walk into any book store and special order it.
This is a lot of work, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Thanks to all the contributors and Randal, Ben, R.J, and Da Goat for their editing and Thorin for the give back to his supporters.

What are your thoughts about this?

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